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Need Help With Your Jazz Solos? I Can Help!

Let’s face it, improvising over jazz standards can be tricky. Trying to figure out how to navigate complex chord progressions, play musical lines, and sound like our jazz heroes is easier said than done. But if you are working on the right things, you can shorten the learning curve and accelerate your jazz skills. Here are my top resources for improving your jazz solos!

Step 1: Get My Free Mini-Course

If you want to become a great jazz improviser, you’re going to have to go beyond scales and slick music theory tricks. You’re going to need to work on things that will help you learn the jazz language.

My free mini-course “Accelerate Your Jazz Skills” will teach you the “Big 3” things you need to working on to improve your jazz improv skills, along with an actual strategy to do so. 

Step 2: Join My Jazz Blues Course

Jazz Blues Accelerator Logo

One of the best places to get "bang for your buck" in improving your jazz improv is the blues. The blues is one of the most important song forms in jazz, and I like to say that if you can master a jazz blues you'll have an "unfair" advantage at all the rest of jazz improv.

My "Jazz Blues Accelerator" practice program will help you learn jazz language and master a blues. By the end of the course you will have no choice but to be highly proficient at improvising over a blues, and therefore many jazz standards as a consequence.

Step #3: Browse My Top Free Lessons

These are some of my most popular videos and podcast episodes to help you with improving your jazz solos.