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Learn Jazz Standards Podcast

Welcome to the Learn Jazz Standards Podcast! This is the show where you get weekly interviews, tips and advice for becoming a better jazz musician. I do a lot of teaching episodes as well as have special guests come on from time to time to share their knowledge.



Quick Win: Using Pentatonics for AMAZING Jazz Solos

If you know the pentatonic or the blues scale you can actually play really amazing jazz solos using just those notes.Listen to episode 353In this episode:Intro Demo: SOUL STIR BLUES - A jazz blues...
Is Learning Jazz Solos Worth It (And How to Get Results From Them)

Is Learning Jazz Solos Worth It (And How to Get Results From Them)

Welcome to episode 352If you've been studying jazz for a little while, you've probably heard from somebody, whether it would be me or somebody else, that it's a good idea to learn jazz solos...

Quick Win: How to PRACTICE Improvising Over a Jazz Standard

So, if you're practicing over jazz standards but you continually feel like you're not improving, not getting any better, it could be that you're just practicing them wrong in the very first place.So,...
LJS 350 21 Things For You to Practice

21 Things For You to Practice

Welcome to episode 350 where today I discuss 21 different options for jazz practice. So if you are wondering what you should practice today, this week, or this month, this episode should give you...

Quick Win: The Most IMPORTANT Music Theory for Jazz Standards

What are the most important music theory concepts that you need to know to make learning and improvising over jazz standards much easier?Listen to episode 349In this episode:Intro Concept #1: Secondary Dominants Concept #2:...
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