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Cheat Sheet for ii-V-I Left-Hand Piano Voicings

One of the first things a jazz pianist should learn to do is navigate left-hand voicings.  Learning to voice chords is VERY important for pianists looking to sound like an authentic jazz musician.  Left-hand...

LJS 176: Leveling Up Your Jazz Improvisation by Thinking Slow (feat. Nick Mainella)

Welcome to episode 176 of the LJS Podcast where today our special guest Nick Mainella from the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast discusses how we can improve our jazz improv by thinking slow. To be a great jazz improviser you need to think fast and effectively, and in order to do that you need to start by doing the opposite. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter:

Ear Training 101: Take the Intervals Test

One of the most important things for a jazz musician (or any musician) to develop is their ears. Improvisation requires the ability to create melodic and rhythmic ideas on the fly, and in order...

Perdido Etude for All Instruments

Etudes, transcribing solos, and jazz licks are the three most helpful tools for learning the jazz language.  Here is a bebop etude over the changes of the tune Perdido. Perdido Jazz Etude Perdido Etude (Guitar) (with standards...

21 Quick-fire Jazz Skills to Practice Today

Not sure what to practice? Perhaps you just feel lost and unsure of what things a jazz musician should be working on to improve their jazz improvisation skills. Or maybe there is just so much...

Pro Tip: Practicing Towards Killer Musical Performances

Practicing is an art in and of itself, and it is not easy. If we want to see results, we have to know what to practice and how to do so. Performing is an entirely...

Handout for Teaching Beginning Jazz Improvisation

Teaching improvisation can be a daunting task. How do I teach kids how to invent a solo from thin air? I am the lead instructor at the Great Basin Junior Jazz Camp this week...
How to Know When to Move On From Something You Are Practicing

LJS 144: How to Know When to Move On From Something You Are Practicing...

Welcome to episode 144 of the LJS Podcast where today we are closing up a series of coaching calls with one of my 30 Steps to Better Jazz Playing students, Brent Arnold. Brent asks a lot of really great questions, including how to know when to move on to something new. We talk through them one by one. Listen in! Sign up for my jazz practicing course 30 Steps to Better Jazz Playing:


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