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Composing Jazz Solos Using Target Notes (Over There Will Never Be Another You)

LJS 169: Composing Jazz Solos Using Target Notes (Over There Will Never Be Another...

Welcome to episode 169 of the LJS Podcast where we conclude "Jazz Standards Month." This lesson goes over composing target notes over the jazz standard There Will Never Be Another You and then using those target notes to create a jazz solo. This is a great way to start developing improv skills by slowing things down and intentionally composing jazz lines under the parameter of target notes. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter:

Jazz Styles-Early Jazz

We are going to be doing a series of posts coming up highlighting Jazz History through the eyes of Brent Jensen. Brent is a professor of jazz at the College of Southern Idaho and...

What Jazz Will Sound Like In 10 Years

Jazz is an evolving music. It's not a music that is stuck in the past, although some may be either uneducated or mislead to believe that it is. Jazz is flexible, adaptive, and elusive....

How to Master the “Backdoor” Jazz Chord Progression

Jazz’s harmonic language features a lot of common chord progressions that appear often in different jazz standards. For example, jazz musicians frequently encounter II-V-I’s, dominant 7th chords through the cycle of fourths, and III-VI-II-V’s...

50 Jazz Standards You Need To Know

There are hundreds and even thousands of jazz standards to learn. Playing jazz requires a reasonable amount of repertoire ready to be played at a moment's notice (no pun intended).  It can be overwhelming! We get...

2 Easy Exercises for Improving Your Jazz Improvisation

As a jazz musician always trying to improve, I'm constantly looking for different ways to practice. While the most classic tips for becoming a better jazz improviser include, learning solos by ear, licks, and...
LJS 157: 4 Scales to Play Over Half Diminished Chords

LJS 157: 4 Scales to Play Over a Half-Diminished Chord

Welcome to episode 157 of the LJS Podcast where today we discuss four different scale options for approaching half-diminished chords. Sometimes it can be helpful to take chords out of the context of chord progressions and look at them individually. These scales will help you map out note choices for this mysterious chord. View the show notes: Sign up for the newsletter:

How to Get Started as a Jazz Composer

The emphasis on musicians composing and improvising their own music has been a central part of jazz culture since the music’s inception. When jazz musicians write their own music, it greatly contributes to their...

LJS 12: Social Music, Bus Drivers and Jazz Musicians with Peter Bernstein

Welcome to episode 12 of the LJS Podcast where today we are joined by a very special guest, jazz guitarist Peter Bernstein. We caught Peter in between touring to sit down and talk about jazz! Pete talks about the New School, jazz as social music, Jim Hall, the jazz career and much more. Listen in!


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