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How Much Should You Spend on Your Instrument?

We are all in different musical situations.  For some, their instrument is a tool to help them make money.  For others, their instrument is a beloved hobby, a leisurely pastime, or a distraction from their normal...

3 Dominant 7th Chord Types All Jazz Musicians Encounter

Anyone who has played jazz or leafed through a jazz fakebook or “real book” probably has noticed that dominant seventh chords are some of the most common chords musicians encounter in jazz standards. But...

Tempo Vs. Time Feel and Tips On Improving Them

As a professional drummer and educator, I’ve taught many students and I’ve noticed that many of them are concerned about their tempo. They always ask for advice on how to improve or overcome their...

Ultimate Guide to Jazz Theory

Let me tell you one of the biggest myths I hear about learning how to play jazz: You need to know a ton of music theory. WRONG. You don't. You only need to know a little bit...
3 Ways Practicing in all 12 Keys Will Make You a Better Musician

LJS 49: 3 Ways Practicing in all 12 Keys Will Make You a Better...

Welcome to episode 49 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about 3 ways practicing in all 12 keys will make you a better jazz musician. This is a practice that can have profound effects on your playing. Be sure to take the challenge at the end of the episode! Listen in!
7 Chords You Can Play the Melodic Minor Scale Over

LJS 86: 7 Chords You Can Play the Melodic Minor Scale Over

Welcome to episode 86 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about the modes of the melodic minor scale and how you can use them to improvise over 7 different chords. The melodic minor scale can be a great tool to conceptualize some of these sounds. Listen in!

20 Intermediate Jazz Standards

We all start as beginners, but at some point jazz musicians are ready to play more difficult repertoire. We recently listed 20 Jazz Standards for Beginners.  Here are some intermediate level standards for people...
Learn How to Play “My Shining Hour”

LJS 101: Learn How to Play “My Shining Hour”

Welcome to episode 101 of the LJS Podcast where today Brent will teach you how to play one of his favorite jazz standards, "My Shining Hour" by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer. Learn the melody, chords, and how the harmony works. Brent improvises a chorus at the end to tie it all together. Listen in!

Lick of the Week #13

Learn the Lick of the Week in All 12 Keys!  You can play this lick over a I-VI-ii-V7 chord progression. PDF: Lick of the Week #13 Treble Clef   PDF:  Lick of the Week #13 Bass Clef

Jazz Improvisation Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide

You and I are not that different. We both want to become better jazz improvisers. We both have a passion for jazz music and we daydream about taking killer solos the next time we...


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