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If you’re looking for jazz tips, advice, lessons and general information about jazz, this is the right place! We post new content in our blog 3-4 times a week, and it’s all free for you to use. Get started by checking out our latest posts or choose a category.

Mastering Scales pt 2

Mastering Scales with Tetrachords, Part 2

Tetrachords are groups of four notes that make up half of a scale.  You can combine two tetrachords to form any of the common jazz scales (through you may need to add a doubled...
20 Intermediate-2-Jazz-Standards

20 Intermediate Jazz Standards

We all start as beginners, but at some point jazz musicians are ready to play more difficult repertoire. We recently listed 20 Jazz Standards for Beginners.  Here are some intermediate level standards for people...
How TO Build an Awesome Solo

How To Build An Awesome Solo

We've all seen our fair share of great movies.  I'm talking about those incredible motion pictures where you leave the cinema or your couch just absolutely dazzled with amazement. The plot, the characters, the roller...

3 Lessons from Russell Procope’s Solo on “Sweet Georgia Brown”

Russell Procope is a wonderful lesser known jazz saxophonist/clarinetist who is probably most famous for his long tenure as a member of Duke Ellington’s ensemble. Procope also worked with “Jelly Roll” Morton, Benny Carter,...

Hexatonic/Pentatonic Jazz Improvisation Workout

We’ve talked about pentatonics on LJS in the past both on the blog and on the podcast. In this post, I want to build on the concepts surrounding pentatonic scales and...

LJS 109: Pro Tips on Proper Music Notation, Formatting and Phrasing (feat. Brett Pontecorvo)

Welcome to episode 109 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking to professional music notation editor and engraver, Brett Pontecorvo. Brett lays down his best tips and tricks on how to properly notate music, as well as layout great, readable charts. These are valuable skills every musician needs to know how to do. Listen in!

“Mixo-Dorian Blues” Scale for Bass Clef Instruments

Recently, I published an article about the "Mixo-Dorian Blues" Scale, which combines the Mixolydian and Dorian Modes with the Blues Scale to make one scale.  This scale is better than the blue scale for...

LJS 50: How to Become an Expert Jazz Comper

Welcome to episode 50 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about being a jazz accompanist and how to comp like a pro. No matter what instrument you play, this is an important topic. Special guest, jazz pianist Keelan Dimick, gives us some of his best tips and advice. Listen in!

9 Rhythm Changes Heads to Learn

When studying jazz, it is important to learn lots of jazz standards. Why? Because these songs are the vehicles on which jazz musicians learn how to improvise. It is the common repertoire that jazz...

How To Develop Musical and Organized Jazz Drum Solos

Playing drum solos is one of the first great challenges a jazz drummer faces in his/her career. Keeping the audience hooked to a long drum solo is definitely not easy. Many times I see...


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