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Ear Training 101: Take the Intervals Test

One of the most important things for a jazz musician (or any musician) to develop is their ears. Improvisation requires the ability to create melodic and rhythmic ideas on the fly, and in order...

How to Play 7th Chords Like a Pro

One of the characteristics of jazz standards are the lush, colorful chords that populate their harmonies. Jazz musicians often use chords that offer more harmonic information than simple triads. These basic types of chords are called...

Guitarists: Learn to Read Notes in 1st and 5th Position

Reading music is an extremely important skill for musicians.  Reading music is not always emphasized in guitar education.  Maybe it's because there can be as many as 5 different places you can play a...
How Mastering Tempo and Rhythm Can Transform Your Jazz Playing

LJS 35: How Mastering Tempo and Rhythm Can Transform Your Jazz Playing

Welcome to episode 35 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about how mastering tempo and rhythm can transform your jazz playing. Often times, non-percussion instrumentalists don't pay enough attention to these things, and it shows. Today's special guest, professional drummer Diego Maldonado, walks us through how to do this. Listen in!

Don’t Be a Jazz Snob!

Jazz snobs. I know my fair share of them. Most musicians I know are in the jazz circles, and while I wouldn't categorize most of them as authentic jazz snobs, there are always the...
How to Practice Towards Fail-Proof Musical Performances

LJS 120: How to Practice Towards Fail-Proof Musical Performances (Feat. Diego Maldonado)

Welcome to episode 120 of the LJS Podcast where today we have on special guest Diego Maldonado to talk about how to practice towards fail-proof musical performances. If you've ever practiced a piece of music only for it to go completely wrong during a performance (like all of us), this episode will help you avoid this from happening. Listen in!

Lionel Loueke “Karibu”

  Learn Jazz is proud to promote renowned guitarist Lionel Loueke's 2008 release of "Karibu". Joining Loueke for this record are his longtime musical collaborators, Ferenc Nemeth on drumms and Massimo Biolcati on bass. Also...

Mastering The Fretboard: Half Diminished Chords

In our last Mastering The Fretboard lesson we went over Dominant 7th chords and learned how to play these chords all over the neck. In case you haven't been following this series up to...

You Don’t Have to Accept Every Gig

Conventional wisdom in the music world says "Take every gig that comes your way."  I'm here to challenge that assumption. In the early stages of a career it could be good advice to take most gigs that...

How to Substitute a Dominant 7 for a Diminished 7

As a jazz musician, I love learning new jazz theory tricks to apply to my playing. While learning jazz language by ear should be the primary way we learn to play, conceptualizing different ideas through...


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