LJS 140: 3 Hip 1-6-2-5 Licks to Practice

Welcome to episode 140 of the LJS Podcast where today we have a short but sweet episode demonstrating 3 hip I-VI-ii-V licks. This is an important chord progression found in jazz and it’s important to learn some jazz language over it. Listen in!

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Today’s episode is a short but sweet show all about I-VI-ii-V chord progressions. I demonstrate 3 licks that you can learn and practice.

I like doing shows like this every once in a while because, at the end of the day, I want you to take action and start applying some of the stuff I talk about.

I composed these 3 licks to perfectly outline each chord in this chord progression and connect each chord seamlessly. The goal is for you to start identifying how to melodically connect all of these chords.

Here are the 3 licks I cover in this episode:

Lick #1

Lick #2

Lick #3

I would suggest picking just one of these licks that you resonate most with and start working it through all 12 keys. Doing this practice will help you start to truly unlock this jazz language.

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  1. good stuff as always Brent, just wondering , what model Ibanez guitar do you play in your blogs and videos? i'm thinking of purchasing one. sounds great . Thanks

  2. Working my way through all the podcasts myself! Nice to know there are other obsessive-compulsives out there like me, who enjoy the podcasts and don't want to miss anything!

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