LJS 197: A Jazz Geek Hang with Diego Maldonado and Wallace Stelzer

Welcome to episode 197 of the LJS Podcast where I have my good buddies drummer Diego Maldonado and bassist Wallace Stelzer over to the studio to hang out and geek out on jazz. This is a fun episode full of jazz nerdery, music philosophy, a little bit of alcohol, NYC’s best cookies, and some shenanigans.

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Have a really fun podcast episode for you today.

Recently had my good friends Diego Maldonado and Wallace Stelzer, a great drummer, great bassist and some of my best friends over the last decade, to just come over to my studio here in New York City, to hang out, have some drinks, have some of NYC’s best cookies — I mean, no, the best cookies in the world!

And we just chilled and absolutely geeked out on jazz and music and had a great time for a little over an hour. And guess what, we recorded it just for you to listen in.

Lots of fun and good stuff in here. Lots of great antidotes on music and philosophy on music. A lot of us just goofing around.

So, get your favorite beverage because we are going to be drinking along with you. It’s the holidays, have some fun and let’s do this thing!

In this episode:

1. Introduction to Wallace and Diego

2. John Patittuci stories

3. Passive and active listening

4. Favorite albums

5. Albums that got us into jazz

6. Philosophies on jazz

7. Technique and what its good for

8. What makes a “magical” musical moment

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I look forward to having you join me in the next episode!

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Diego Maldonado’s website

Diego Maldonado’s Instagram

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