LJS 118: Top 13 Jazz Lessons From Our Podcast Guests

Welcome to episode 118 of the LJS Podcast where today we are featuring some of the greatest hits of our guest episodes so far. Over the last few years, we’ve developed a big catalog of episodes with special guests sharing their best jazz tips and advice. We listen to important clips from those episodes and some additional commentary. Listen in!

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This is episode 118 and at this point, we’ve developed a fairly substantial catalog of episodes. I think of each episode as an answer to a jazz question that you, my listeners, may have.

But I don’t always have the answers, or it’s better to have someone who has a different perspective or expertise in a particular area than I do. That’s why I love having guests on the show.

In this episode, I feature some of my favorite guest episodes thus far. It was hard to pick some and not others, but these were all powerful episodes that I think deserve a re-look.

I picked out 13 episodes and short clips that I thought were great takeaways, and expand on them a little bit more.

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