Here’s the updated version of Charlie Parker’s three chorus solo on Blues for Alice.  Make sure to listen to the recording and learn it with that.  You should never learn a transcription without listening to it a lot!  I hope you enjoy!

Bird’s Solo Transcription-Blues for Alice (.pdf)

Blues for Alice-Bird’s Solo-C Instruments

Blues for Alice-Bird’s Solo-Trumpet

Blues for Alice-Bird’s Solo-Tenor Sax

(The tenor part goes well into the altissimo register; I tried to put it in EXACTLY as Bird played it.  You may have to drop certain parts an octave lower for technical reasons; if so, you can reference the trumpet part, which goes too low in some places.  There’s not a convenient solution because there is either a compromise on playing something in the right octave, or it’s just really hard to play-but who said Bird was supposed to be easy to play?)

Blues for Alice-Bird’s Solo-Eb Instruments

Blues for Alice-Bird’s Solo-Bass Clef

Click here to learn Blues for Alice

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  1. This was one of the first Bird solos that I truly fell in love with. It wasn’t until years later that I began to understand just how advanced a blues recording this truly is. The changes are phenomenal, and Parker just flies over them effortlessly.

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