There aren’t many online resources that give you a pre-made diagram with multiple pictures of the piano keyboard in pdf form. You can find great pictures of a keyboard, but I have not found anything that is organized into something for showing students left-hand voicings, 2-handed voicings, or 2 octave scales. This is a resource that should exist. I will certainly use this in my teaching, and I hope you also find this useful.

Here is the pdf worksheet with three 3-octave diagrams on the page:

Blank Piano Diagrams-3 Octaves (.pdf)

You can use this with keyboard voicings or scales. Imagine the possibilities you have with this diagram. Four pages, for example, will give you enough room to notate all 12 major scales, 2 octaves each. Or two octave melodic minor scales…or bebop scales…anything you want!

Special thanks to Dana from Music for Music Teachers for allowing me to use her diagram when I made this pdf. You can visit her website and see the original diagrams here: Her Piano Keyboard Diagram

If you would like to see my one octave diagram (8 on a page), go to:

One Octave Keyboard Diagrams

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