C-Jam Blues

C-Jam Blues is a great first jazz tune.  It’s so simple to learn the melody by ear, and yet it swings so hard that pros still love to jam on it. It’s a 12-bar blues, and the melody is the same 2-note phrase repeated 3 times (per chorus).  In addition to the normal play along, pdf of the chord changes, and recordings, I’ve also included  C-Jam Blues Guitar Comp Voicingsrecommended C-Jam Blues piano voicings (left hand and two-handed voicings) and recommended C-Jam Blues Bass lines in this post to help people who are just learning how to interpret jazz chords.


You’ve gotta check out this record, Night Train, by Oscar Peterson. C-Jam blues is on the album. It’s one of the first jazz records I ever checked out-and I was hooked immediately! If you are new to jazz, you should definitely get this album! This album shows what jazz is all about. If you’ve been at it for a while, you should have this album by now (if not, get it!) It’s still one of my favorite albums.


Listen to the first live video underneath the play along.  Right now.  Seriously.  It will change your life forever when you hear Oscar Peterson play the blues, if you haven’t already had the pleasure.


Swing, swang, swung! It doesn’t get better than OP, Ray Brown, and Ed Thigpen. Melody starts at 2:40.

C-Jam Blues Play Along
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Videos to learn the melody/changes for C-Jam Blues